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Waste Plastics to Cracker Feedstocks

Large Scale Solutions to a Global Problem

We are Changing the Way the World Thinks About Waste Plastics

Today the vast majority of waste plastics are incinerated or landfilled. We see these plastic  materials as sophisticated molecules, not CO2 emitting fuels. By applying a combination of location, scale, finance and proven technology, we are creating a new and commercially competitive route to return plastics back to their original format - achieving full circularity.

Waste Flows .png

An International Strategy

A unique formula combining strategic port locations, commoditised supply chains, and proven technology.

World Scale Technology & Delivery

Our team specialises in the creation of world scale energy and process infrastructure platforms. We know what investors and partners need to deploy $1bn of capital into a new sector. 

Using proven bankable technologies, aligned to global petrochemical providers with strong strategic interests in circular supply chains.

Why Phigenesis?

A different approach, using a new combination of port locations, operational technology, and global delivery partners.

We are committed to making a difference by aiming to "move the needle" on circular economy plastics volumes. With a plastics production forecast of around 1bn tonnes per annum by 2050, achieving meaningful levels of circularity is non-negotiable.

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